The Share the Wealth Brunch


Photo by Jannie Wolff – and Instagram is @jannie_wolf

The Park, 118 10th Avenue, New York (@ 17th Street)
The purpose of the Brunch is to cultivate your success and satisfaction by declaring your gifts and goals and by actively seeking opportunities to participate, collaborate, and grow your lives and businesses.

2017 Dates

Jan. 28 Brunch | Jan. 14 Early Bird  ($39 for 2, $24 for 1) | Reg. price ($48 for 2, $29 for 1)

May 13 Brunch| April 29 Early Bird  ($39 for 2, $24 for 1) | Reg. price ($48 for 2, $29 for 1)

Sept 16 Brunch| Sept 2 Early Bird  ($39 for 2, $24 for 1) | Reg. price ($48 for 2, $29 for 1)


 Now that you’ve reserved your spot, time to consider:
What success will you share and events can you promote? Who will you invite to grow their life and career and share the wealth with this community? This is an intimate affair and you’ll find it a comfortable, fun environment to focus on articulation, communication and connection.

Download your Free Networking Guideline
BRUNCH Introduction Prep
“Developing Your Introduction” is a guideline to support you and your guest in preparing your statement about your service. As soon as you reserve you will get more resources to support you in making networking a breeze, and specifically this event a joyful success.

Good things come in threes This guideline will help you in making a clear, effective networking statement and request. Each brunchee with state a personal or professional action, result or habit aligned with the “3 Markers” brunch dates. We’ll go around our circle and offer a strategy, resource, or support to help them advance toward the goal. We’ll then plan a check-in during the month, with each person planning to call one person at the brunch.

Pre-Order your Brunch – Email
Brunch Menu_The Park 2016

Download your Free Performers Career Assessment
7 Keys Performer Career Assessment


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