couple_cartripPRIVATE COACHING

Private coaching sessions are devoted to cultivating your success and satisfaction by engaging personally meaningful goals, effective professional strategy and daily impactful action. Sessions available in person or by phone.
Creative Seed Coaching focuses on:
• unearthing undiscovered sources of strength and creativity, while making the most of your recognized gifts, abilities and resources.
• rejuvenating your life and career by focusing on daily balance and inspiration, and healthy professional and personal relationships.
• grounding in the practical realities of a healthy business and home life including business planning, networking and negotiating skills and time management.

“The fact that I make my living working in the theatre as an a director/writer/teacher/actor is significantly a result of my work with Penelope. She helped me see strengths that I already had but wasn’t using and to build skills to develop new ones. With her I shaped my mission statement: to engage in possibility with compassion and integrity. Penelope brings those very qualities to her coaching: compassion, integrity and possibility. Penelope is an extraordinary coach. She generously helps sow the seeds, nurture the garden and celebrate the bounty.”
Lester Thomas Shane, International Theatrical Director, Teacher AADA, Award Winning Playwright and Performer

“I really love Penelope. She is focused and caring, and she’s always trying to help her clients figure out how to turn up the dial on the work they already love doing. I think the key to her success — and that of her clients — is the loving nudge out of your comfort zone that feels at once challenging and completely doable. And if the baby steps out of the box are too scary for someone, then she helps them figure out why they’re so resistant while simultaneously offering some other options so that they can move forward successfully.”
James Donegan, Off-Broadway and Regional Performer, Forbidden Braodway; Che, “Evita”; Cornelius, “Hello Dolly”

Develop the business skills and strategy to get where you want to go:
• Sharpen your interviews
• Create day-to-day strategy
• An effective, sustainable business strategy that gets results!
• Engaging my agent in a powerful business conversation
• Sharpen my pitch & presentation – what I do best: my type, target roles, monologues that show me off!
• Balance my life and work so I’m enjoying both and attracting more good stuff!
• A support job plan that is truly supportive: bringing money, energy, and time for my art.
• Expand relationship-building skills including social networking, calls, meetings, calls, stop-bys.
• Polish my interview so I wow agents, managers and casting directors!
• How to network: what, when and how to say it with grace and power!
• Creating opportunities now without an agent by going to the source
• Sharpen my resume so that it shows-off my best!
• Excellent Follow-up – how to build on a great interview, audition, workshop class!

Contact me to find how I can help you to make your life your greatest work of art.



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